“For thousands of years, we believed that the immortal Igunas race has been ‍‍‍destroyed. today I'm presenting you the last women of its ‍‍‍kind living among ‍‍‍us. see her multiple transformations over the ‍‍‍past ‍‍‍centuries!”

4091 ‍‍‍year. Photo ‍‍‍Exhibits. Planet ‍‍‍Methuselah (PSR ‍‍‍B1620−26 ‍‍‍b)


Homeworld:Igunala R34
Wanted for
Murder, Terrorist activities, Anarchy, Evading Arrest, Damage To Imperial Property, Assault Against The Galactic Empire.
Extreme caution should be used when spotting or approaching the subject. She ‍‍‍should be considered armed and very dangerous.
Immediately contact intergalactic security system.
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The show consists of Alvara’s photos from different times and situations. We’ve divided it into 5 ‍‍‍categories. Each category will differ not only by the quality of the attributes but also by ‍‍‍the ‍‍‍theme. All ‍‍‍the information about the photos is below ‍‍‍them.

rarity 1
rarity 2
rarity 3
rarity 4
rarity 5
rarity 1
rarity 2
rarity 3
rarity 4
rarity 5

What Will we Build?

Alvara is the first hero we are going to show in our ‍‍‍universe. We are in the future. Not all our hopes came true. Ruined towns, destroyed planets. Some of us survived. We present the cyberpunk-‍‍style RPG with a ‍‍‍detailed universe and lore, well-drawn pictures, and a ‍‍‍chance not only to enjoy an ‍‍‍interesting storyline but also to ‍‍‍increase your ‍‍‍assets.

alvara gallery

Q1 2022

  • Alvara NFT Pre-Sale and Sale. A collection of 10,000 NFT of Alvara with a smart contract using the ERC1155 on the Ethereum blockchain will be released. It will have a public interface allowing further project development as an NFT RPG game.
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  • 5 lucky holders from the first 100 will be airdropped 1 free Alvara.
  • 1 ETH will be airdropped to the luckiest holder from the first 100 buyers.
alvara gallery


  • 20 lucky holders will be airdropped 1 free Alvara.
  • Draw of 8 ETH among the lucky owners of Alvara NFT. Using the smart contract API, we will randomly select 4 addresses to which we will transfer 2 ETH.
alvara gallery


  • 5 ETH will be donated to a fund to support digital artists and creators.
  • Draw of 12 ETH among the lucky owners of Alvara NTF. Using the smart contract API, we will randomly select 4 addresses to which we will transfer 3 ETH.
  • An exclusive giveaway of 8 ETH on our social media for all subscribers. On Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook we will randomly select 2 lucky individuals and transfer them 1 ETH each.
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  • Series of virtual events for Alvara’s NFT holders.
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  • 8 ETH will be invested in the development of our community. We will invest this money in marketing to raise interest in the collection in the aftermarket.
  • Start a member-exclusive merch line. We will open an online store where we will sell t-shirts and other goods with Alvara’s prints. By agreement of the copyright holder NFT, we will sell goods with their NFT, giving them 10% of the profits.
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  • 8 ETH will be invested in the development of our community.
  • Our Alvara story is not finished, it has only just started. Who is going to win in the battle between Rihard and Alvara? Which part did Rihard take in the Iguns’ war? Don’t tell anyone, it is still a secret, but we are going to answer all of these questions and provide limited collection of Rihard’s with his story.
  • For each owner of Divine Alvara NFT, we will give away NFT from the next collection!
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Q2 2022

  • Alvara NFT game release v0.5. The first 2 game modes “Battle” and “Bar” will be released. This and subsequent project parts will be deployed on the Polygon chain in order to reduce transaction costs.
alvara gallery

Q3 2022

  • Alvara NFT game update v1.0. The game mode “Journey” will be released.


What is Alvara NFT?

Alvara NFT is the first cyberpunk-style RPG with a detailed universe and lore, well-drawn pictures, and a chance not only to enjoy an interesting storyline but also to increase your assets. This document describes the future game mechanics, game development team, development plan, and economy of the project.

How does the game economy design look like?

The project will allow players to not only enjoy the quests and history of the Alvara world but also earn cryptocurrency. 5% royalty of all resales on opensea.io and 50% of the payment for the most important operations performed on the NFT state will be transferred to a DAO, which will be managed by Divine Category holders, as well as by those players who have reached the Divine Category during the game.

What would the team do in the instance of a non-sellout

The rest of the collection will be burned. This will create scarcity and raise the value of other NFTs.

How is Alvara NFT generated?

Alvara has lived a long life and never repeated her imagery; it’s her lifestyle. Thanks to it, you will not find repetitive photos. Each photo is a distinct and unique work of art. All NFTs are algorithmically-generated. This special algorithm eliminates repetition. We use Chainlink VFR as a source of randomness, so we don’t know in advance the nft sequence.

Am I able to choose the photo I want?

To maintain the highest level of honesty NFT distribution process is divided into several steps:
  1. SEED generation that is non-controlled by us by using Chainlink VRF.
  2. Process of shuffling the attribute space using a sequence of random numbers generated by the SEED, a block.timestamp, and a block.difficulty.
  3. Process of bypassing combinations of attributes, excluding unwanted ones, and binding them to buyers’ wallets using a special algorithm.
Everyone will see one dammy image right after minting and before the first NFT reveal.

How can I buy Alvara NFT?

You need Ethereum to make a purchase. You can buy it on many cryptocurrency exchanges. You need to install MetaMask plugin to buy Alvara NFT.

How much will it cost?

Each Alvara photo is worth 0.08 ETH.

What does my Alvara NFT do?

They will give you exclusive access to our future projects, allow you to receive unique gifts, and even influence the development of the Alvara world we create. You receive exclusive access to communities where you can impact the project together with us and even become a partner. In addition to this Divine Category holders will get exclusive access to manage a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for this game.

How many Alvara NFT will be available to the public?

A total of 10,000 NFTs will be raffled off or sold through the White-lists under special conditions.

Where and when can I see my NFT?

As stated in point 2, the final photos will be available only after 7-days from the start of trading or after the sale of all 10,000 NFTs. You will be able to see your NFTs on the opensea.io website.


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